Periodic Inspections


Periodic inspections


Periodic inspections have been a landlord’s legal requirement now since April 2021, Private Rented Sector (England) Regulations 2020. However, some Landlords are still not aware of their legal responsibilities and are not carrying out electrical inspections & testing.

If you’re looking to purchase a property, it’s worth carrying out a periodic inspection (DEICR) to ascertain/confirm that the electrical installation is safe for continued service. The last thing you would want, is to move in to your property and find you have to spend money on the electrics to make them safe for use, which may place a strain on your finances. Just like you wouldn’t want to move in to your new home to find the boiler doesn’t work.

An unsafe electrical installation can injure or even kill if it has not been properly installed or unsafe additions been carried out by someone who is not qualified to do so.

We recently carried out a periodic inspection for a customer looking to purchase their forever home. JCE Contracting carried out the inspection prior to the sale going through. Upon completing the inspection, the electrics were far from satisfactory and the house needed to have a full rewire to bring the electrics up to a safe and serviceable standard. This could have cost the customer thousands, but thankfully they managed to negotiate this against the asking price.

So many people choose to never get a periodic inspection carried out, or wait until they have moved into the property to have the periodic inspection carried out. Would you buy a car at full price with no MOT and take the chance the car will go through without any cost? Probably not….

So, before you purchase your new home, consider having a periodic inspection carried out. Obviously, we would like you to use the services of JCE Contracting for all your electrical requirements, however, to make sure you have a qualified electrician always make sure they are qualified to carry out such work and are approved by a competent person scheme, such as NIC EIC (National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contracting).

To find out more about a periodic inspection & testing, or to arrange an inspection carried out on your rental or new home, feel free to call JCE Contracting on 01373 455 690, or email

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