Winter is on it’s way, are you prepared?

Winters on its way, are you prepared?

With the clocks set to change next weekend, it’s the sign that winter is on its way, are you prepared? I, like many others, don’t enjoy getting up and driving to work in the dark, only to return home some nine hours plus later in the dark again.

Living in the middle of nowhere with no street light isn’t much fun either, as I have to use my torch to get out the car park and over to my home, while dodging the puddles and who knows what else!

However, when its cold outside and the curtains are drawn, the fire’s lit and the candles are burning, it feels so cosy and warm in the evenings, it’s probably the nicest part of the day.

Countryside living isn’t for everyone and most people like to have peace of mind, with well-lit front porches, gardens, driveways and pathways.

With this in mind have you checked the following;

Are all your outside lights working correctly and don’t have any water within the bulbs?

Can you see any cable damage that may pose a problem when the bad weather really starts?

Is the PIR set correctly to provide the best coverage of light?

Do you need to replace lights that you’ve been putting off?

Maybe you haven’t got any lights and have considered getting some but need some advice?

Perhaps you want to install some CCTV to feel more secure in your own home?

so with Winter on it’s way JCE Contracting cover all domestic and commercial premises. Whatever you’re needs, JCE will come out and provide you with a free estimate, so our team can get your requirements installed before winter kicks in.

If you have any questions, or would like to arrange for a free estimate, please feel free to call 01373 455 690 or email

Winter is coming are you prepared

Winter is coming are you prepared

Winter is coming are you prepared

Winter is coming are you prepared