We’re Covid Testing

We’re Covid testing!! Over the past two weeks now, the JCE team received just under 400 Covid testing kits, which is allowing each one of us to undertake a Covid test twice a week. Although we don’t enjoy completing the test, we are very pleased that we know we’re doing our best to keep ourselves and those around us as safe as we possible can. Some of the JCE team have already received the first Covid vaccine, while one of the team members has had both, which is fabulous news!!

Not only are we Covid testing and awaiting our first/second Covid vaccine, but prior to the second lockdown we have issued our customers with our Covid policy prior to our electricians/apprentice’s attending site. Once the electrician/apprentices arrive onsite, they have also been asking our customers our Covid risk assessment questions prior to entering and premises. Even when onsite for more than one day we always return the next day asking the same questions. Some customers have found this a little frustrating, however, they understand the reasons why and appreciate us keeping them safe as well as others.

The guys working onsite will always make sure they clean up after themselves and make sure the working areas are as sanitized as they can possible be. It may be annoying, but JCE have a strong belief it is always better to be safe than sorry!!

We hope each and everyone one of you are staying safe and looking after yourself and others now that we have some freedom since the second lockdown. We hope there is never going to be a third lockdown!! Businesses have suffered a very difficult year and hope that in time your business is back on track again.

So from everyone at JCE stay safe and take care.


We're Covid Testing