Vimmy The Pizza Maker

Our electrician Vimmy loves food, not only to eat but enjoys making it too. At Christmas time Vimmy is known for making his chutneys along with his smoked cheeses.

During lockdown Vimmy got into bread making, not just plain loafs, but various varieties which he provided to family and friends.

Now Vimmy has moved on to making pizzas. He decided at the weekend to make his own pizza from scratch, making the dough and the sauce then adding toppings of people’s choice. Goats cheese and pesto, ham and pineapple, ham, cheese and olives, the list goes on. All the pizzas were cooked on his BBQ on the pizza stone.

Vimmy can eat anything without gaining any weight. Twenty-two pizzas later………. Vimmy feels like he’s now mastered the art of pizza making. His wife says she doesn’t want to see another pizza or loaf of bread again!!

We’re all waiting now to see what Vimmy’s next culinary creation will be!!

Three pizzas