Tom White’s Kitchen/Dining Extension

Our Electrician Tom White has spent the last two years having an extension built for his kitchen/dining room. When Tom wasn’t working, he had the joy of going home every night to start work again, plus the weekends.

Tom did most of the work himself, apart from the block work and the plastering, what he couldn’t do he had friends who could help out.

This work was all done while having two little monkeys running around the home and a wife who just wanted to be able to cook and eat in her nice new kitchen/dining room without the mess and the dust.

Having the oven as a central point of the kitchen is lovely, as you can cook for friends and family without having your back to them. You can also see what the children are doing outside in the garden with ease. I’m sure there will be plenty of family gatherings and parties in this fabulous kitchen.

Tom has nearly finished the kitchen, with just a few minor tweaks left to complete, I’m sure it’s a big sigh of relief now.

Tom has his next project lined up for this coming weekend……. Digging out the patio and creating a better outside seating area. Watch this space and we shall update you on the new project as time goes on.

Congratulation Tom and Sophie on your lovely kitchen, it looks fabulous!!!

Kitchen Extension