Time is flying by; I can’t believe we’re now closer to Christmas than January! Here at JCE we’ve been very busy working on various projects. Big Tom, little Tom, Danny and Jake are coming to the end of a big job. They have recently been working for a large manufacturer based in Warminster. We assisted them in moving all their production machinery from their old site to a new one. Along with installing all the new cabling and additional supplies.  Big Tom and Jake should have all the work finished come the end of this week.

Little Tom and our apprentice Louis have now started another large project, install lights along a driveway for a customer based near Wells. It’s a very, very long driveway and the work is expected to take two weeks to complete. I don’t think the boys will have to worry about getting their steps in!

Poor Vimmy spent nearly a week carrying out portable appliance testing for a large office in Bath. Since then, he’s been carrying out numerous periodic inspections. In the next few weeks, he has a large project coming up in Wells for an extension. That will keep him busy for a while.

Tom Cullen has been carrying out various domestic work for customer within the local area, when Tom isn’t out onsite, he has been helping out in the office getting certificate checked and sent out to customer.

Here in the office, we’re seeing high demands for estimates for new Solar PV and storage, along with customers who already have solar PV and are seeking battery storage solutions. Along with this service, we’re still busy with EV charger too. Little Tom & Danny have fitted so many recently, I think they could do it with their eyes closed. One of our customers is looking to install several EV chargers across nine sites in Wiltshire over the coming few months. More for little Tom and Danny to look forward too.

If you have a project coming up, or would a free estimate for your electrical needs, please feel free to give us a call on 01373 455 690, or email office@jcecontractingltd.co.uk