Happy Halloween

This coming Saturday, not only will it be another month gone within the year, but also Halloween, a day when normally children will be dressing up and hitting the streets trick or treating, or having parties at home. Buckets filled to the brim with sweets, chocolate and plenty of other goodies.

With the current pandemic still in place, it’s such a sham that it won’t be going ahead this year. I’ve seen on social media people coming up with alternative options this year, one of which I thought was a great idea.

Getting people carving pumpkins, or dressing up their front windows and/or doors so that when the children go out, they have to hunt around the housing estate looking for houses that are trying to celebrate Halloween. Each time the children find a dressed-up Halloween window, the parents provide the children with a sweet, thus not having to knock of people’s doors and socialise with others. This is such a lovely idea and the children still get to play a part in the traditional festivities with a little bit of normality.

Do you have any alternatives to how you plan to spend your Halloween? We would love to hear your ideas.

Not only is the 31st Halloween, but it’s also my dog’s birthday. Maisy will be eight years old; I can’t believe how quickly the time has passed; it only feels like yesterday when she was a puppy. Trying to climb on the dishwasher door trying to pre wash the plates, or struggling to get up a step into the garden, or getting her head stuck in the chicken coop wire and getting pecked at. Thankfully she doesn’t try standing on the dishwasher door anymore, but takes over the whole sofa instead!!

So, whatever you plan to do this coming Halloween, the JCE team hope you all stay safe, stay warm and have plenty of fun with the children and family.

This coming Saturday is Halloween

This coming Saturday is Halloween

This coming Saturday is Halloween