The Smart Solar Storage Heating

The Smart Solar Storage Heating

The smart solar storage heater that allows owners with solar rooftop panels to reduce heating costs using free energy from the sun. When there’s not enough solar production, it uses cheaper off-peak power to charge and provide heating.

Solar Manager Technology

Solar Manager technology is capable of detecting any surplus rooftop solar energy during daylight hours that may not be fully used in the home. This electric energy can be redirected to the thermal storage unit to heat rooms even when solar energy production has stopped.

This technology can also manage the output of several storage heaters and distribute the energy available according to the established heating needs. The user can give priority to each appliance, ensuring the efficient distribution of available power to maximise indoor comfort at the lowest cost.

Utilisation of photovoltaic surplus

Ecombi SOLAR is the first storage heater on the market that is capable of utilising a household’s photovoltaic production surplus, converting the solar energy into stored heat and delivering it gradually to the room, providing the household with free heating.

Exclusive smart Solar storage heater, efficiency and comfort with a clean and sustainable heating. Designed to suit any household, Ecombi SOLAR can be configured to use the energy from rooftop solar panels, off-peak electricity tariff or a combination of both.

Option 1 – Use Ecombi SOLAR as your main heating system

Even with an abundance of sunshine, we have cold winters and heating costs are the highest household energy expense.

Ecombi SOLAR can be easily set in a combined operating mode, so the storage heater will utilise all the solar energy surplus produced and, if necessary, complete the appliance charge using the most economic off-peak tariffs to provide heating throughout the day when required.

This mode ensures the use of all the solar energy available and completes the storage heater charge to obtain maximum output and constant comfort

Option 2– Use Ecombi SOLAR with your existing heating system to significantly reduce operating costs and boost comfort levels.

Do you have an existing heating system but want to dramatically reduce operating running costs?

Ecombi SOLAR can be programmed to only consume free energy, using surplus solar power that would otherwise be fed to the grid. Once converted into stored heat, it’s delivered to the room through the smart storage heater, automatically adjusting for maximum comfort every day.

This operating mode is ideal for reducing the running costs of existing heating systems such as heat pumps, wood fires or gas heaters.

Integral management via wifi

The integral management of heating and the distribution and use of the solar production, as well as the control of the Ecombi SOLAR storage heaters, is possible through the G Control System, the free Wifi Control app.

1 Display the distribution of the surplus supply on a daily, monthly or annual basis

  1. select the operating mode best suited to the comfort desired
  2. establish the heating priorities to each room
  3. Choose the defines the setpoint temperature on each of the appliances

Technical Functions

  • Static, programmable and self-regulating SOLAR storage heater with wifi control.
  • Converts all the available self-consumption surplus into heating.

SOLAR MANAGER Technology, which manages the surplus and self-regulates and completes the charge based on a modulating operation.

TFT display with new highly intuitive panel control and lock function.

Integrated programmer clock.

Built-in daily and weekly programming.

Integrated G Control System, remote configuration and control via Internet with wifi connection.

Open window detection function for reduced energy waste.

Adaptive start control.

Built-in high-sensitivity digital thermostat ± 0,1ºC with calibration option.

Silent operation based on TRIAC technology.

Overheating protection on storage heating function.

Automatic safety thermostat with manual reset.

Built-in balancing heating element made of aluminium to supplement the stored heat as and when required.

Stainless steel core heating elements and aluminium front panel.

Side, front and rear air isolating chambers.

Steel structure powder coated in epoxy RAL 9010.

Total appliance lock system through the G Control app.

Robust thermoplastic fittings highly resistant to cleaning product agents.

Solar box accessory required for surplus control and management using the G Control System. Only one solar box needed per installation. It is offered as accessory.

G Control System is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.


Solar Box Accessory’s


Solar Kit for the integral control and management of Ecombi SOLAR storage heaters through the G Control System

Accessory required for operation in self-consumption installations

Solar Box contains the USB control unit and the meters required for the connection of the Ecombi SOLAR

storage heaters with the G Control System.

Only one Solar Box needed for the entire installation.

Wireless connection with heating appliances through the intuitive and user-friendly free Wifi Control app.

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