Simon has been with JCE for one year

Simon has been with JCE Contracting for a year. On Monday of this week Simon Tiley, our Operations Manager has been with the company for a year. Simon joined the company after leaving the Wholesale Industry after 16 years of employment. This is how Simon and Jerry first met.

Simon decided he needed a new adventure within his career, so when Jerry approached him about working for JCE, Simon thought it was a good avenue to take and learn new skills and knowledge of the electrical industry from the other side of the fence.

Simon started at the bottom getting to know what everyone did in the office, while also getting to know the electricians out onsite. Little did he know that 22 days later the whole country would be in lockdown due to the Coronavirus.

This wasn’t the best of starts for Simon, as he was just starting to settle into the company and find his feet. Fast forward two months and the team slowly started to return to work. By the end of June nearly everyone was back.

On June 17th Simon added a new addition to his family and brought home a black Labrador called Pepsi. Pepsi came into the office on the 22nd June, he was so tiny and absolutely adorable. We’ve watched him grow into a beauty dog who is so loving.

Simon now has a very good knowledge and understanding as to how JCE operates and has implemented new procedures and improvements along the way. Simon assists with provide customers with estimates, heating and lighting designs, LED energy saving calculations and knows how to make a mighty fine cup of tea.

Simon’s only wish is to be a few inches taller, as he struggles to see the estimate tray on top of the filing cabinet, but we’ve got a little step he can use……

We all wish Simon a happy first year with JCE and hope he spends many, many more years with the JCE team. Now where is the cake??????




Simon has been with JCE for one year


Simon has been with JCE for one year