Pepsi is unwell

Pepsi is unwell

Pepsi is unwell at the moment, it all started about a week ago, when Pepsi started to be sick after eating and drinking. Pepsi is known for eating everything, socks, stones, toys, you name it, he thinks everything is edible.  Pepsi is only 8 months old, so still very much a playful/inquisitive Labrador puppy.

After being sick for several days, it was time for him to go the vets. The vets checked him over and arranged for him to be booked in for an ultra-scan, followed by an endoscopy, biopsy, and bloods to be taken. This all took place last Friday. If only dogs could talk to you and tell you what’s wrong, it’s so worrying and hard to see them being so poorly and not knowing why.

So, on Friday Simon came to work, while his wife Viv took Pepsi to the vets. Viv provided Simon with updates as soon as she had news. It felt like a very long day….

Pepsi likes going to the vets, so he was very happy to see everyone upon his arrival. The vet decided to do the Ultrasound first, so they had to shave his belly area. This didn’t show up anything in his stomach, which was a good thing, but they still had to be sure there wasn’t a blockage, so the vet then carried out the endoscopy.

The endoscopy didn’t show up anything either, so at this stage it was good there wasn’t a blockage, but the vet was still none the wiser as to what was wrong with him. His stomach looked inflamed, so they took a biopsy and also took bloods for testing. The vet thinks he could have gastroenteritis, but until the bloods results come back it’s still a waiting game.

Pepsi came home later Friday afternoon, feeling wobbly from the aesthetic, along with looking very sad and sorry for himself. He is currently on plan rice and chicken. He still wasn’t feeling any better at this stage. He just wants lots of cuddles and to be close to someone.

On Monday Pepsi went back to the vets for some tablets to stop him from being sick, he was a little happier on Monday evening, however by Tuesday morning he was back to feeling unwell again and refusing to eat or drink anything, except for his daughter hand feeding him ice cubes. Viv took him to the vets again and was told he needed to go to the doggie Hospital in Bath for further investigate. As you can imagine, both Simon and Viv are really, really worried about him. Poor Viv broke down in tears, I know if I was in her shoes, I would do the same!!

So, as of Tuesday afternoon Pepsi had to stay in doggy Hospital over night while they treat and monitor him accordingly. This morning Simon received an update from the Hospital, to say that he either has gastroenteritis or a parasite. He is currently on antibiotics and will be staying in Hospital for a further night until they can get his stomach settled. The vet and nurses are giving him lots of love.

Hopefully he will be on the mend very soon and home with his family where he belongs. I know when he’s home he’ll have cuddle overload.

Everyone who works for JCE in the office are very worried about Pepsi and can’t wait to see him being his normal self again.

Poor little puppy……..


Pepsi is unwell

Pepsi is unwell