No two weeks are the same….

No two weeks are the same in most companies, however, we seem to go through waves of people wanting the same thing. Not long ago with the changes to rental properties, all landlords needed to require a DEICR to be able to comply with the new rental legislations. This seems to have settle down now and we only get a few to carry out each week, rather than being inundated. Having a DEICR carried out on a property you wish to purchase is also worth doing, so you know what your electrics are like prior to moving in. This can also assist with negotiating a price if there is a lot of work required to bring the electrics to a satisfactory standard.

Now everyone seems to be either wanting to install Electric Vehicle (EV) Charger points, or updating/installing detectors in their homes.

Electric Vehicle (EV) charger points are becoming very popular now people are choosing to turn to electric over Petrol/Diesel. There are various type of chargers to choose from, you can find out more information here for domestic, or here for commercial usage.

As for detectors, we seem to be putting in more mains operated systems with battery backups, than battery operated one. Although the battery ones are more than suitable, people prefer mains supply as it gives them more peace of mind. There is still a life expectance on these, it depends on the type of batteries they come with. You can get a range of detectors, ranging from smoke, heat and carbon monoxide.

I’m sure in a few weeks’ time the needs will change again and we shall see a new wave in people’s electrical requirements.  Until then, if you have an electrical requirement’s you would like a free estimate for, please feel free to call 01373 455 690 or email