Michelle from JCE

Michelle (me) has worked for JCE Contracting for the last year and a half. I cover all aspects of the office roles, along with social media, sales and marketing. When I’m not working, I have a seven-year-old chocolate Labrador called Maisy, who gets walked for an hour before work and an hour afterwards. Sometime she even comes to work with me. She loves human company and food!! She is the baby of the family and is so spoilt it’s unreal. She has a love of carrots and will be by your side as soon as the fridge door opens, in desperation that one will fall out for her.

I also have a Siamese cat called Merlin, who is 11 years old. He is incredibly vocal morning, noon and night. He is such a loving cat, but also highly demanding for attention. He loves to play with straws and look out the window at the birds, the bigger the bird the louder he is……. It’s like his very own cat TV.

When I’m not walking miles with the hound, in my spare time I love to cook and enjoy experimenting in the kitchen, I have a love for all seafood, meat dishes and a good old fashion Sunday roast. The only foods I won’t eat are curries and chillies, I’m just not a spice fan. Over the years I’ve cooked so many different recipes, that I’ve added them all to a file that’s getting bigger and bigger each year.

My partner Jason, who’s into fishing, dragged me along one sunny day in June last year and also got me into the sport. He set me up with a rod and within twenty minutes I had caught, reeled in and netted my first carp fish. I was over the moon as he didn’t catch anything all day!! I couldn’t take the hook out though; in fear it would suck my fingers.

Since then I’ve been numerous times and love the peace, quiet and beating my other half on who can catch the biggest fish or the most different types. I wish I could say I win every time but I don’t. I got my own rod this weekend and can’t wait to try it out. We would love to take Maisy when we go fishing, but she has such a love for water we just wouldn’t be able to keep her out. Even if I got a stake for her lead, I still think she would find a way to leap in as soon as my line was cast out.

I also have a passion for football, I love Sunday fun days when I cook a roast dinner for the family and watch the 16.30 kick off. I used to play super six, but since Sky stopped that game, I now play fantasy football with friends and family, it can become very competitive. My favourite player is Son who plays for Tottenham, I think he’s a fabulous player. I got my partner the Tottenham stadium tour tickets for Christmas, which we hope to get to do at the end of September. I may have to strike a pose under Son’s changing room sign!!!

I also have a love of travel and like to get away as much as I can, I love so many parts of the UK, Cornwall being my favourite place, due to the fabulous beaches and coastal walks. I’ve travel nearly all of Greece, Spain, Egypt (has to be one of the best holidays I’ve done as I felt like Indiana Jones), Netherlands, just to name but a few places.

I haven’t travel abroad as much as I would have liked in the last few years and with Covid currently covering us like a black cloud, it doesn’t look likely I shall be in the near future. I have a bucket list of places I wish to go to and can’t wait to have more adventures.



Michelle at JCE

Michelle from JCE

Michelle from JCE