Lea, Jerry’s wife – New Fitness Workout

Lea, whose Jerry’s wife and works in accounts has always been into her fitness, however, it’s easy to get in a rut and carryout the same fitness routine week in week out, without changing things up.

When we went into Furlough, Lea, as the same as us all, had more time on her hands so decided to change her fitness plan and started doing HIIT workouts twice a week, with her personal trainer Michelle Day.

Luckily Lea has her own gym with a TV on the wall, so she could complete the workout via zoom, along with other people at the same time.

Now we’ve all gone back to being full time in work, Lea is only able to make it as and when she can, but tries her best to do it at least once a week. Lea tends to workout alongside her daughter Loran, doing various weight training.

Alongside the HIIT workouts Lea also started running with her daughter Loran, who is also very into her fitness, as you can see from the photos. Both Lea and Loran started running four times a week starting with 3K.

When it got to around six weeks in, Lea managed to increase her run to around 6-7K. A few more weeks have now passed and now Lea is running twice a week running 9-10K.

Most days Lea comes into the office either not being able to lift her arms above her head, or walks around the office like an old woman, as her legs ache from the night before. As the saying goes, “no pain no gain” is working well for Lea as she’s lost weight and inches.

Lea is a very driven woman and is going to continue with her running as much as she can. I keep saying I’m going to register her a half marathon and then a full marathon, so watch this space……

As I know she can do it!!!

All photos were taken by Anna

Lea Jerry's wife

Lea Jerry's wife

Michelle Day

Lea Jerry's wife

Lea Jerry's wife

Lea Jerry's wife