JCE are still in operation

JCE are still in operation. With the second wave lockdown due to start at midnight Wednesday 4th November, we would like to inform everyone that JCE shall still be working as normal. Therefore, if you have any work planned this will still be going ahead, unless of course you advise us otherwise. We shall also be available for any emergency call outs.

JCE will comply with the Government guidelines as per the following;

All our electricians will come to site with gloves, face covering and other personal protective equipment.

Prior to entering your property, our electrician(s) have a risk assessment form that will need to be completed, they’ll ask you a few questions to make sure everyone is safe.

Once the risk assessment has been completed and nobody is at risk, they will explain what they will be doing and that we will need to maintain a safe distance from others (2m away in line with current Government advice), including when waiting for you to open any doors.

Our electrician(s) will wash their hands thoroughly when they arrive and before commencing work. If for any reason they cannot wash their hands, they will use hand sanitiser.

Our electrician(s) unfortunately will not be able to shake hands with you or other occupants.

The electrician will ask you to stay in another room, away from the work area(s) while the work proceeds, and with permission, ventilate the work area where appropriate, e.g. by opening a window.

Unfortunately, our electrician will not require, or accept any ad hoc hospitality offers of beverages or food.

All our electricians will follow good hygiene practice, in line with Public Health England guidelines

Our electrician(s) will undertake all necessary health and safety precautions while at your home. This will include:

Washing or sanitising their hands thoroughly during the work, and once work is complete.

Wearing face coverings and gloves at all times

They will carry their own handtowels.

Will carefully wipe down any tools and instruments before and after the work is carried out.

They will remove and place into a plastic bag any wipes, disposable gloves and overalls used, and seek to avoid any cross-contamination to existing clothes or persons.

Please note that if our electrician(s) feel unsafe, or at risk at any point, we will contact you to re-plan for a future date if appropriate, after ensuring everything is made safe.

It is important that all these guidelines are followed to ensure protection of everybody from coronavirus, and we greatly appreciate your cooperation.

If you have any other questions before the planned work starts – or if you have any news and significant information that we should know about – please contact us on 01373 455 690, or email is at office@jcecontractingltd.co.uk

Please look after yourselves and stay safe in these uncertain times, from everyone at JCE.