Happy Birthday Jerry

 Happy Birthday Jerry!! On Monday of this week Jerry celebrated his 57th birthday. As he’s reached another year closer to 60, of course we couldn’t resist buying him some old age presents along with some nice ones too. Thankfully Jerry has a sense of humour and none of us were handed our P45!!!

We did consider putting 57 candles on the cake, but we were concerned one of two things would happen, the place could burn down, or the amount of puff required could make Jerry collapse and pass out!!

When Jerry left School, he wanted to fly spitfires however, he became an electrician instead and it’s all he’s ever known for the past 41 years.

Jerry worked for various companies over the years, until one morning back in December 1999 he decided he wanted to go it alone and work for himself. 21 years later JCE is now a team of 13 and still growing. With the support of his wife Lea who works in the accounts department, they have both formed a very successful business.

When Jerry isn’t working, which is most of the time, he loves to holiday in Canada so he can spend two weeks of the year trying to break his neck snowboarding. Last year he managed to hurt his arm as he was going way too fast down a slope. Jerry and Lea are really hoping to go again in January 2021, although this is currently on hold due to the Covid virus. Fingers crossed they both get to go.

Jerry is also a big fan of Glastonbury festival and has been going for over 13 years, although when he listens to the band’s he quite often has to ask Lea who it is, bless him.

So, Jerry not long until the big 60!!


Happy birthday Jerry

Happy birthday Jerry

Happy birthday Jerry