Freddie is six months old

Freddie is six months old – As some of you may recall, Martyn our electrician and his wife Emily had a baby boy called Freddie, back in May of this year. Freddie is now six months old, where have the last six months gone!

This year it’s all about the “first things.” Freddie has experienced his first Halloween, when he was dressed up as a baby pumpkin. His first bonfire night, with sparklers in the garden. He has also had many trips to the local park, where he loves to go on the swings. Freddie has also had a few trips to the seaside and when not in lockdown lots of cuddles and kisses with family.

Most importantly he’s managed to enjoy his first pint down the pub with his daddy prior to lockdown!

It’s only a few more weeks to go, when I’m sure he will be all dressed up again in a little Christmas outfit, ready and waiting for Santa to arrive. Oh, how these photos will be fun to expose in about 18 year’s time…….

Freddie is just starting to sit up on his own without to many wobbles. He also likes to be on his belly, he tries to crawl, however, he looks more like he’s skydiving with frustration, as he wants to move but doesn’t quite know how to yet. Give it a while longer and he’ll be whizzing round the house causing absolute carnage. Freddie has also gained his two bottom teeth, which make him look so cute.

I’m sure he will have a fabulous Christmas and get spoilt with toys and lovely little outfits, although I’m sure he’ll be just as happy with a few cardboard boxes and some bubble wrap. At that age its always the little things they love more.

I’m sure Martyn can’t wait for Freddie to get a little bit older, so he can have remote controlled cars, Lego and diggers, just so Martyn can get to play with them more than Freddie does.