Solar Panels - Somerset and Wiltshire

Solar Panel diagram

What is solar photovoltaic (PV)

Solar PV uses the energy generated by the sun by collecting it using modules (panels) and converting it into electricity. Direct sunlight is not needed to produce electricity, only daylight, it still works in winter.

How does solar PV work?

Solar modules collect daylight and convert it into direct current (DC), this is fed along a cable to a box called an inverter which converts the DC into alternating current (AC). AC is used by the appliances and lights in your home. The AC flows from the inverter into your electrical installation for use by your appliances. Any surplus flows out of your home onto the national grid.

How do I get paid for Solar PV?

The government has set up a clean energy cashback scheme which will pay you for every kilowatt hour (kWh) or unit of electricity which your solar PV system generates (Known as a feed in tariff or FIT) whether you use it or not. For every unit of electricity used that is generated by the solar PV system, a saving is made as electricity is not purchased from your electricity provider. Your electricity provider will pay for every unit for any electricity you do not use which is exported to the grid

Example of the financial benefits

The following sample uses government guidelines (Standard Assessment Procedure or SAP)

Assume electricity costs 12 pence per unit (kWh) from your provider
A 3.92kW system on a south facing roof is expected to generate 3365 kWh per year.
50% 1682.5kWh of the electricity is used and 50% gets exported to the grid
(A)Electricity generated 3365 x 15.44p = £519.55
(B)Electricity saved (50% of generated) 1682.5 x 12 pence = £201.90
(C)Unused electricity (50% of generated) 1682.5 x 4.5 pence = £30.71
Total savings (A) + (B) + (C) £752.16 per year
Lifetime savings over 20 years £15,043.20

How much will it cost?

The cost of a solar PV system depends on how large a system is installed, however a typical 10 panel system will cost approximately £7000.00 including VAT (VAT for renewable energy is calculated at 5%)

Prices and Feed In Tariff correct to February 2013

The savings above do not take energy price rises into consideration

ECO2 Water Heating System

Having taken a step to Significantly reducing your energy bills and carbon footprint by installing Solar PV, wouldn't it be nice to reduce them further and get the most from your solar power investment

At the moment any surplus energy produced from the Solar PV system is sold back to the grid (at a low rate).

Instead of selling the extra energy back to the grid, why not use it to heat water and as a result lower your energy bill even further. The surplus energy generated from you solar panels can be used by the immersion heater to heat the water.

Would it not make sense to use as much of the free electricity generated as possible to reduce your energy bills. Most households have an Immersion heater installed and it is possible to use the spare electricity generated to heat your water using the ECO2 Water Heating System

Don't have an Immersion heater? Don't worry the ECO2 can be used for other electrical equipment around the home, simply call us on 01373 455690 to discuss your requirements

The ECO2 Water Heating System can accurately measure the amount of power generated from the solar panel system.

The ECO2 Water Heating System monitors the household power; and recognises if the power is being imported or exported. It then automatically switches ON the immersion heater only when enough spare power is being exported. The intelligent switch will also recognise if there is a change in weather conditions and/or other appliances are switched ON around the house, it will then turn off the immersion heater, ensuring the water is only heated using the free power generated by your PV system.

Over a day, it is possible get a full tank of hot water for free.

The ECO2 Water Heating System allows homeowners to use surplus energy generated by the Solar PV system to heat water for free. Over the period of a year, the system can significantly reduce the gas bill.

Dependant on usage & solar power system size, your potential savings could be up to £200 per year. All products are designed and manufactured in the UK.

The cost to install the ECO2 Water Heating System can be as low as £170.00 + VAT installed.

Don’t waste the surplus electricity you are generating, call us on 01373 455 690 , no obligation quote.