Dale is leaving us

Dale is leaving us. It’s is with great sadness that after 20 years of service, Dale has decided to slow down his pace of life and leave JCE Contracting. When Jerry set up his business just over 20 years ago, Dale was the first person he employed.

Dale has been a great asset to the team, with his knowledge and expertise. Over the years Dale has assisted with training up the apprentices, Martyn, little Tom, Tom Cullen, Jake and Danny, who are still with us today. Dale has also seen the company move premises and grow over the years, to the team we have in place today. I’m sure he could tell us many a story!

Dale has never been one for having his photo taken, I think his wife Helen was lucky to get any of them on their wedding day. His daughter is getting married next year, he’s limited her to only two photos on the day.  I’ve asked a number of times for a photo for the website, or Facebook, but, however hard I try, I’ve never managed to get one of him.

Or at least that’s what I though, until today, when I went routing through photos from last year and low and behold I found a Christmas photo taken in the office. Dale is the one wearing the hat, so Dale, you’re not so allusive after all!!

Dale is leaving us

It’s such a shame we’re currently in lockdown, as I know everyone at JCE Contracting would like to be able to get together, to wish him fair well and all the best for the future over a few pints. However, we plan to say fair well socially distancing outside the yard this coming Friday.

Dale is completing his last week with us and shall leave this coming Friday 20th November. I’m sure his wife Helen will have a nice little list of things to do, which will keep him busy for a while.

Everyone at JCE would like to wish him all the best for the future and hope he’ll stay in touch with us all.