A New Apprentice

A new Apprentice!! JCE Contracting are pleased to announce we have a new team member called Louis. Louis joined the JCE team on Monday 12th April and is starting to settle in with the team really well. He’s had the pleasure of working alongside big Tom, Vimmy, Tom Cullen and alongside our other apprentice Jake. He still has the joy of working with little Tom, which he will get to do next week on various jobs in the local area.

Louis started his training a while ago, but the company he worked for made him redundant, so he never got to finish his final year of his apprenticeship. JCE are really happy to get him through his apprenticeship and see him qualify. Louis has a lot of domestic experience more than any other sector at this present time, but isn’t scared to learn new skills as he progresses. Being local to Frome, Louis likes the fact most of the work we do is local and not up and down the country, which he’s been used to doing.

When Louis isn’t working, he likes to spend time on the river bank fishing for carp, but with the recent pandemic he hasn’t been able to go as much as he would have liked too.  He used to enjoy shooting, until one day he killed a bird and it upset him, so he hasn’t done it since.  He also likes cars and bikes, be it riding, driving or fixing them. Let’s hope he’s not fixing them more than he is riding/driving them.

Louis also has a four-year-old little boy called Lucca, who he sees during the week and weekend.

So, I hope when you next book us in to complete some electrical work on your home, or workplace you get to meet him and say hi!!






A New Apprentice